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Seventh China (Yangsan) Special Vehicle Expo

Views : Date:2014-02-10 14:08:14
September 17 , the Seventh China Liangshan special vehicle Exposition was held in Shandong Liangshan , Shandong Province, Li Diankui former vice chairman of CPPCC , China Construction Machinery Association , vice president Guo-Jian , deputy secretary general of China Association of Automobile division Jianhua and other provincial and municipal leaders attended the launching ceremony . The exhibition attracted many special vehicle special vehicle manufacturers, automobile companies, auto parts companies and insiders go .

       The show is divided into OTC Museum and Hall venue in two parts , off the main hall is dedicated exhibition car companies and automobile companies , many Liangshan special vehicle manufacturers are carrying their main vehicle exhibitors. Among the many exhibitors special vehicle models, and flatbed semitrailer tanker is the main , there are a small number of garbage trucks, sweepers, aerial vehicles and other models. Which lived in semi-trailer , RV trailer axes hanging and attracted attention of many visitors .

       OEMs , the number of domestic automobile manufacturers , such as FAW , Dongfeng Commercial , China National Heavy Duty Truck , Foton , Trucks , Shaanxi Auto , Changan Heavy Truck, JAC , SAIC Iveco Hongyan , Seiko cars have models on display .

       Indoor exhibition venues for the parts , mostly Liangshan special vehicle components supporting local suppliers, small lights brakes, axles large frame , everything.

       In addition to the Liangshan local businesses, some of the well-known supporting parts suppliers, such as Guangdong Fuwa Engineering Manufacturing Co. , BPW axles , Ltd. Meizhou , SAF - HOLLAND SAF-HOLLAND company , Yost Shanghai auto parts company , Top Fu hydraulic transmission company , Ching Hing Holdings Limited wheels are carrying their product exhibitors.

       China ( Yangsan ) Special Vehicle Expo has been held sixth , becoming the country with the greatest impact on the industry , the highest level, one of the best professional exhibition effect.