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2011 China (Yangsan) Water Margin festival grand opening

Views : Date:2014-02-10 14:09:37
September 16 , 2011 China ( Yangsan ) Water Margin Cultural Festival and the Seventh Special Vehicle Expo held in梁山隆weight .

Liangshan County is the Chinese Classical Literature "Water Margin" the birthplace of the story , the site of many Shuibo梁山景area , unique landscape , is a national AAAA level scenic spots , top ten mountain tourist areas in Shandong Province , the provincial forest parks , geological park and the "International well-known tourist destination , " Outlaws of the Marsh tourism core area of Shandong Province , was identified in Shandong provincial government is one of the four major effort to create tourist area , Water Margin cultural industry park in Shandong Province was listed as the key support of the cultural industry during the second five projects.

A "Water Margin" , let Liangshan legendary, world because of " Water Margin" with knowledge of Liangshan , Liangshan because of " Water Margin" more exciting. New version of " Water Margin" in the major TV hit , set off a new round in the national tourist hot Water Margin . Water Margin Liangshan scenic experience to visitors soaring style , " Water Margin goods , good Chinese , Liangshan " has become a new fashion.

In recent years , Liangshan county government to the development of the Water Margin cultural tourism industry to accelerate the transformation of economic development as an important breakthrough , according to " build walled hill , mountain water , the surrounding landscape , the overall shape " the general idea , and vigorously promote tourism projects . Currently, the Water Margin orchestrated cultural theme park project is progressing well . Prominent mountain cottage culture , built Ju Yiting , one off , left the military stockade and other relics of interest ; mountain Shuibo create mood , located in the mountains north of Liangshanpo kiosk completed infrastructure construction , water- drenched history will soon be over . Relying Liangshan film base, finished filming " Water Margin characters spectrum" of " workaholic Sau " and many other digital cinema and broadcast on CCTV, six sets of success ; boot shot "looking for Water Margin ", "eight hundred Water Margin " large-scale documentary , " In Search of Water Margin " has been in CCTV" discovery "program broadcast ," eight hundred Water Margin " has been broadcast on Shandong TV sports channel . Water Margin scene choreography planning a large-scale drama " Big Ju Yi hero ", " heroes welcome " and " Erlang married ", " Hu San Niang GongFu " and melodrama Water Margin , Water Margin for visitors to create a feast of cultural and performing arts with distinctive characteristics.

Development adapt to the situation , the Liangshan county government decided to continue to organize this year China ( Yangsan ) Water Margin Cultural Festival , scheduled for Sept. 16 opening . Outlaws of the Marsh Festival this year by the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau , Jining Municipal Government , Liangshan County People's Government , Jining City Tourism Bureau contractor , the theme of " creating 5A scenic spots, build tourism county ." Water Margin arrange this festival opening ceremony and the large-scale theatrical performances, " Shuibo Hero Juyi ? Liangshan heroes wine products ", "International Fighting Championship star ," Water Margin painting and calligraphy exhibition and trade investment and other activities, through a series of colorful cultural activities , comprehensive, in-depth , three-dimensional display Water Margin culture of quality , expand cultural exchanges and cooperation in the Water Margin , Water Margin story birthplace consolidate core position .

In 2011 China held ( Yangsan ) Water Margin Cultural Festival at the same time , Liangshan County will hold the Seventh China ( Yangsan ) Special Vehicle Expo. With the rapid rise of China's automobile industry , Liangshan special vehicle industry to achieve from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong historic change , has developed into the country's largest dedicated automobile industry cluster , the country's largest dedicated used car market. Currently, the county dedicated automobile manufacturing, parts production and development of equipment manufacturing and other related businesses to 376 , 23 to enter the national bulletin catalog to produce fire engines, dump trucks, tank trucks, boom truck , wrecker 10 series over 200 varieties . With an annual output of 150,000 special-purpose vehicles , auto parts production capacity of 5 million , selling products in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Canada, Russia , Mongolia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. In 2005 the county was named " Chinese special vehicle production base" , in 2009 was named " special automobile industry cluster in Shandong Province ", "Shandong provincial quality special vehicle production base" , successfully held the Sixth China ( Yangsan ) dedicated auto Expo has become the country with the greatest impact on the industry , the highest level, one of the best professional exhibition effect.

Seventh Special Vehicle Expo , will be held in Liangshan Automobile Industry Park, 17 to 19 September . Exposition "cooperation , our common opportunities ...... " as the theme , co-sponsored by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers , Automotive Industry Association , Shandong Province , Jining Municipal People's Government , Liangshan County People's Government , Jining City Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Industry Association Sponsor . During the Expo , will be held specialized vehicles and parts exhibition, China special automobile industry seminars, trade negotiations and a series of activities to promote domestic manufacturing and trade -related special vehicle industries, strengthen technical , personnel, resources, information and management, communication , and promote joint venture cooperation, speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading . 30,000 square meters exhibition design exhibition , interior parts 500 standard booths , an outdoor booth 200 special-purpose vehicles .