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Zhuo Wei car award CCC and ISO-9000: 2008 quality management system audit

Views : Date:2014-03-24 21:09:33
Time: 2013-10-25 
October 19, 2013 to 20, the group of experts to Zhuo Wei  company CCC and ISO-9000: 2008 management system for the supervision and audit. The audit by the Expert Group agreed that the company's quality system construction pass Asia and system operation accord by the conditions granted approval. 
Evaluation experts and managers on behalf of various departments through in-depth exchange process that in the past year, the company has achieved through Asia especially the effectiveness of the quality management, because Zhuo Wei company from senior management to junior staff are attaches great importance to the quality of management, and constantly open market operations, while improving quality management, through the organization of various forms of training, visits, meetings, etc. to enhance staff awareness of the quality of education. 
Asian companies have been through customer focus, attention to product detail and process control in advance, will be fine, humane, and service-oriented design concepts, such as product quality throughout the entire process. Evaluation experts hope to be able to pass in the next sub-company work process, quality management, continuous improvement.