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Zhuowei van engine part maintenance points

Views : Date:2014-03-24 21:15:10
Zhuowei van engine as the heart of the vehicle is very important component, but also in among the heavy vehicle maintenance. To do so the engine ground maintenance, ground maintenance. 

1, each time the engine is started, attention to listen to the engine at idle, without noise abnormal sound medium and high speed operation. 

2, cleaning van ministries crude oil, fine filter (replacing the fine filter), regular washable oil pan, oil pump and cleaning oil strainer, smear and check the cylinder wall, check the bearings, mounted on the oil pan and fastened correctly add new oil. 

3, testing vans engine cylinder vacuum degree or pressure checked regularly after the crankshaft oil seal and bearing oil leakage. 

4, check the van and the engine radiator cover fixed, the pump work, for leaks, add grease on the pump shaft, check the blinds work.