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Daily maintenance Zhuowei tank car and maintenance

Views : Date:2014-03-24 21:18:52

Daily maintenance Zhuowei tank car and maintenance

(1) we must first understand the main structure, performance and tanker grasp the features of oil tank truck, special vehicle chassis must be in accordance with the requirements of theservice station maintenance or repair;

(2) one tank generally consists of special purpose vehicle chassis (Dongfeng or the liberation of two types of chassis), tank body, pipeline system, power plant consists of four parts;

(3) routine maintenance to open oil tank truck driver friend to do the tank car, to do a good job before driving, driving, the car after the inspection, cleaning, fastening add role, timely detection of tank car problems or potential safety hazard, timely find problems in a timely manner;

(4) Chuche check tank body, pipeline, valve and whether the oil leakage or oil leakage, the upper cover is required to cover, lubricating oil, fuel oil, cooling water, hand, foot brake,steering device, instrument, lighting, tire pressure, tire nuts etc..

(5) should be paid attention to in the course of the tank car driver friend's problem: ① in truck driving check operation of each instrument; ② in truck driving check steering system isnormal; ③ in truck driving check hand, foot brake is not normal; ④ in truck driving test the engine, chassis, tank body in operation running any abnormal sound and abnormal smell; the following inspection work by stopping time good tank car: touch the front wheel brake drumwithout overheating, check the tires, nut, remove inclusions in wheel tread, check no leakage,leakage, Water Leakage, check sheetmetal springs, drive shaft bolts are loose, pipe networksystem check tank body appearance and tank car;

(6) tank car regularly to the service station as a chassis go maintenance and maintenance work; special remind broad driver friend, to strengthen the tanker of daily maintenance, andregular inspection, replacement of the car's fire extinguisher, provide against any misfortune.